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Our Projects

Poor people are at high risk of severe malnutrition and no education.

Pakistan Flood Relief Emergency Appeal

Pakistan is currently experiencing historic flash floods across the country. Donate to our Pakistan Floods Appeal now and help save lives.


The health sector is the backbone of any country's social structure and healthcare is one of the basic human needs. Pakistan's healthcare system is not as strong as that of developed countries and it has many frailties.


Molana Tariq Jamil Foundation has taken lead among every one of its rivals by giving religious teachings through free tutoring and restoration backing to poor people belonging to underdeveloped areas all over Pakistan.

Clean Water

The main reason for the clean water crisis in Pakistan is climate change (floods and droughts) along with population growth, poor water management in the agricultural sector, inefficient infrastructure, poor management, lack of political commitment, lack of awareness and our carelessness


MTJ Foundation's Maskan Program is a revolutionary initiative to provide shelter to the homeless. Our dream is that no one in Pakistan should be left to sleep under open sky and every family has a safe roof overhead.


MTJ Foundation brings an exceptional charity initiative to help and support deserving families with a dowry for their beloved daughters. Let’s all be part of the Marriage Gift Program. Come and Join Us.

Monthly Ration Distribution

Pakistan has a high rate of poverty and low development. This leads to citizens of lower socioeconomic classes suffering due to the lack of resources available to them. It is hard for a daily wage worker to be able to afford monthly groceries, rent, fees, and utilities. This is a reason why millions of people in this country are always worried about if they will even find work tomorrow.