Health is a blessing and is required to live life fully. It is very necessary for all of us to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to be fit and fearless of diseases. Being healthy brings happiness to our lives and helps us live a stress- and disease-free life. Pakistan faces many challenges in the field of health.


Molana Tariq Jamil Foundation provides scholarships to individuals in need of financial assistance to further their education. These scholarships can range in amount and eligibility criteria, but they generally aim to support students who demonstrate academic promise or face financial barriers to accessing education.

Disaster Management

MTJ Foundation is working for relief the people affected by the flood by distribution Cooked food, Dry Foods, Medical Camps & distributing medicine. In Next phase, we have started working to rebuild the vanished houses.

Clean Water

Clean Water project is a welfare project initiated by MTJ Foundation to address the dire need for safe drinking water in deprived areas of the country. The project involves installing more than 150 hand pumps in the houses of needy people who have no access to clean water due to poverty.

E Commerce Training

At the core of our mission, MTJ Foundation is dedicated to comprehensive livelihood support, committed to elevating the well-being of communities. Through a range of initiatives, from vocational training to income-generating projects, we empower individuals, fostering economic independence and creating sustainable opportunities.

Marriage Gift

Molana Tariq Jamil Foundation is doing a truly remarkable and heartwarming favor to distribute wedding gifts to poor girls. In many parts of the world, poverty can be a significant barrier to getting married, as families can struggle to afford the costs associated with marriage.


MTJ Foundation’s Maskan Program is a revolutionary initiative to provide shelter to the homeless. Our dream is that no one in Pakistan should be left to sleep under open sky and every family has a safe roof overhead.

Monthly Ration Distribution

Pakistan has a high rate of poverty and low development. This leads to citizens of lower socioeconomic classes suffering due to the lack of resources available to them. It is hard for a daily wage worker to be able to afford monthly groceries, rent, fees, and utilities. This is a reason why millions of people in this country are always worried about if they will even find work tomorrow.
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