Vocational Training (KASB)

Vocational training (KASB)

The KASB project by MTJ Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the standard of living for women in underserved communities by fostering skill development and promoting financial independence. Committed to equitable opportunities, the project empowers individuals with a diverse skill set, covering vocational training in various fields, including sports production. The Institute’s mission is to equip women, especially widows, with the skills needed to launch businesses or pursue careers across industries, promoting self-sustainability.

It provides a learning space for women to overcome barriers, enhance skills, and achieve financial independence. With a focus on creating change agents in communities, the initiative aims to empower individuals for a better future.

MTJ Foundation’s Kasb Vocational Training Institute seeks to uplift men and women in impoverished communities, offering skill-based programs that foster self-sustainability and economic empowerment.

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