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Molana Tariq Jamil Foundation
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The Molana Tariq Jamil Foundation is a non-legislative, non-political and a non-productive association that works on cash created by our private law offices and through donations from the general population.


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Foundation is continually searching for the gifted individuals with different aptitudes and various educational fields. In the event that you need to make a genuine distinction.


Shelter For Homeless

The foundation’s efforts to provide homes to flood affectees in Pakistan have helped address the housing crisis and provide shelter to those who have lost their homes.





Our main goal is to help poor people !


Welcome To Molana Tariq Jamil Foundation

Molana Tariq Jamil Foundation is the absolute best establishment across Pakistan and extraordinary compared to other social government assistance specialist organizations over the world running on non-business, non-political, and non-shared premise, serving nonstop with no segregation of shading or class.

Solving world’s problems with innovative ideas and new thinking

Our Projects

Poor people are at high risk of severe malnutrition and no education.

About Our Foundation – Journey To Help!

Molana Tariq Jamil Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to serving people regardless of caste, creed, or colour. We believe that everyone deserves equality, food, shelter, access to education, and healthcare, and it is our mission to work towards a world in which equality triumphs.

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Meet Our Soldier Of The Week

Volunteer of the Week — Muhammad Zeeshan Mustafa

This is my ever best experience in this organization as volunteer.


Key Distribution Ceremony of Houses

MTJ Foundation held a significant key distribution ceremony for individuals whose houses were devastated in the devastating flood of 2022. As part of their commendable efforts, the foundation successfully reconstructed over 600 houses belonging to the flood victims. The foundation’s tireless efforts in rebuilding the houses showcased their unwavering commitment to supporting the flood victims in their journey toward recovery. 

Ramadan Ration Distribution Ceremony

Rations were distributed among the needy through Taqseem-e-Rahmat Ramadan Ration Program by Molana Tariq Jamil Foundation. in 2023 foundation delivered more than 20,000 ration bags to 20,000 deserving families arround Pakistan

Nutritious Foods & Clean Water Distribution

Diseases caused by dirty water are spreading in flood-affected areas due to stagnant flood water. Apart from this, the drinking water has also become contaminated due to which stomach diseases are spreading among children and adults. MTJ Foundation has organized a medical camp for the flood victims where the victims are being provided with free treatment facilities.

Education Scholarship Distribution Ceremony

Our youth can achieve greater success and make significant changes if provided with opportunities and resources.MTJ Foundation held Education Scholarship Distribution Ceremony where bright students were awarded fully funded scholarships to help continue their education.

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