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Caring Without Borders, Serving Without Limits

At Molana Tariq Jamil Foundation, we understand the profound impact of your generosity. Your support is the heart of our mission, driving positive change and hope for those in need. Through our transparent and accountable donation process, we ensure that every contribution is cherished and utilized purposefully.

Your autonomy in selecting causes close to your heart empowers you to make a direct and meaningful difference in the lives of others. With your help, we can continue to provide essential support to those facing challenges, offering them a brighter tomorrow filled with opportunity and compassion. Your kindness truly transforms lives, and we are deeply grateful for your partnership in our journey of service to humanity.

Provide One Month's Worth of Meals for Only

Sponsor a Student's Education for

Support a Student's Journey to Become Aalim for

Provide Healthcare Support for

Install a Hand Pump for Accessible water at

Install a Water Filtration Plant for communities at

Support a
Girls Marriage for

Help a Family Establish a small Business for

Help Women achieve Financial Independance for only

Send 250 bottles of water to Gaza

Send a Flour bag to Gaza

Send a Food pack to Gaza

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