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KASB Training Institute

KASB Training Institute

The MTJ Foundation’s Kasb Vocational Training Institute seeks to empower men & Women in Pakistan’s impoverished communities by offering them a variety of skill-based training programs. This vocational institution provides financial and technical aid from the MTJ Foundation to help girls in need, as well as a variety of courses, including making footballs.




The Kasb project of the MTJ Foundation aims to raise the standard of living of women in underserved communities by developing their skill sets and empowering them to become financially independent. The organization is dedicated to advancing equitable opportunities for all people and giving them the tools they need to actively contribute to local economies. A wide range of skills, including vocational training for sports production, are covered by the vocational training offered by Kasb, which is not restricted to any one field. The Institute’s mission is to provide them with a variety of skills that will enable them to launch their own businesses or find career possibilities in a range of industries. Kasb is launched in Pakistan’s backward areas, where they frequently face social and economic challenges. This vocational training institute gives women a place to learn and improve their skills, break down societal barriers, and achieve financial independence. The initiative aims to give them a better future and empower them to be change agents in their communities.